Words Matter so Much

28 June 2021
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Words Matter so Much!

 (this from One that has Dyslexia, by the way well done those smart people that made this word so hard to spell for those with the condition)

How you define and describe yourself -your situation- your health – your life and yes, your business, using either a Positive or a Negative spin or attitude, can and will define not only how you perceive the world and react to situations that occur but, surprise-surprise also have a great influence upon how others regard and perceive you and your business.

For example:

Which is a better statement?

I have dyslexia so although I have a good vocabulary and hold my end up in any discussion, I do not post my thoughts.


I have a wide range of experience and accumulated knowledge, which I love to pass on, either in discussions or via posts, these do take me a little longer due to my dyslexia, however using the great tools now available I can get this out there for a wider group’s consideration.

Mervyn Lawrie

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