What Does A Business Doctor Do Any Way?

28 June 2021
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When is the time to invest in a business coach?

The Journey

Building any business requires investment and this does not have to mean financial investment. It really means taking the time to nurture your brand through marketing campaigns, planning the next steps, recruiting the right people, measuring results, or attaining professional accreditations and memberships. All the work done in the various areas of your business helps drive your business to the next level and then the next and so on. The key is to proactively consider your short, medium, and long-term goals using who, what, why and how questions. When the minutes and hours are ticking away day after day it is easy to lose focus and stay working IN your business and forgetting to work ON your business.

Taking all the decisions on their own without the right someone to talk it over with can add to the pressure felt. So how does a savvy business owner stay focused and on track? How do they get helpful objective feedback and insights which they can feel confident of? Meaningful support which lightens the load? Business coaches!

Business Coaches Come in All Guises

Business coaches come in all guises. It is not a case of one size fits all but there will be the right business coach out there who can fill the breach. The vast wealth of experience gained through life and active business careers makes a business coach a pivotal investment for any business. Each business scenario will be unique and talking things through with a business coach will bring clarity to the situation.

Mervyn Lawrie is a practical, hands on supportive additional resource as well as font of experience and advice.

The Benefit of a Business Coach
So can you afford a business coach? It is natural to ask this question. Of course, it is. However, when the time is right – and you will know it – you really cannot afford not to use one. To sacrifice all your hard work, and investment because you got a little lost or overwhelmed with the daily detail of the business, can be avoided when working with an experienced business coach that can bring perspective and help to focus on the bigger picture.

The benefit of working with a business coach includes:
• objective business insights
• having a trustworthy brainstorming partner
• professional support to help you layout achievable measurable business goals
• keeping you accountable
• recommending and introducing you to other appropriate professionals as needed

A business coach can and will help you move forward in your business. Very often this can happen through a suggestion which is so simple to implement yet it has a massively positive outcome on your business.
The value of the right business coach at the right time is immeasurable for the success of your business. If you need practical and objective business help to guide you through business challenges, then should take the first step towards finding yourself a business coach and arrange a chat with Mervyn today.

Ready for Action?

Arrange a Meeting with us at NO COST, to discuss in complete confidence any concerns or challenges that your business is facing and receive our guidance and suggested solutions. This can be used as a free Business Wellness Assessment.
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